Glossary in English or Spanish

Excel Math Glossary of Terms in the classroom

DownloadClick the Download button to save and print the Free Excel Math Glossary of Math Terms in Spanish for Grades 1-6.

Use the Download  button below for the English Glossary of Math Terms.

The Glossary contains:

  • An overview of Mathematics
  • Explanation of Algebra, Arithmetic and Geometry
  • Illustrations for many of the terms
  • An indication of the lesson where each term is introduced, for every grade level where the term appears
  • Common math symbols, punctuation and currency symbols

The Spanish Glossary includes Math words in both English and Spanish with full definitions in Spanish for parents.

You only need to download one Glossary for each teacher or school site. Save it to your computer and print it for each student. You also have permission to make copies for your students.