Easy-to-Create Succulent Pumpkins October 31, 2017 08:58

Pumpkin succulent gardenNow that October is ending and the harvest season is upon us, bring out your leftover pumpkins to create a succulent garden in your classroom.

Here at Excel Math, we appreciate all things in the garden. Bring a bit of your garden inside during the fall season with this beautiful pumpkin craft.

Here's what you'll need: a paper plate, small pumpkins (or pumpkins of various sizes), adhesive craft spray, craft glue or hot glue gun, succulents of various textures, a spray bottle of water.

Begin with small pPumpkin succulentumpkins or vary the sizes if you room to display some larger ones.

Cut succulents into small to medium size pieces. Wash the pumpkins and let them dry.

Then play with arranging the succulents on top or around the base of the dry pumpkins until you have the looks you like.

Use a paper plate under each pumpkin as you work to keep the adhesive from getting on other surfaces. 

Spray the top of one pumpkin with adhesive, then add the succulents, starting with the taller ones in the middle and working your way out. You do not need to cut the pumpkin.

Use the craft glue or a hot glue gun to help the succulents stick to the pumpkin.

If you decorate the bottom of the pumpkin, turn it upside down so the stem rests on the plate.

White pumpkin succulent arrangementSpray the bottom of the pumpkin with adhesive, add the succulents, then cut a round circle of felt or cardboard (or a piece of the paper plate) to cover the bottom of the pumpkin so it won't stick to your table.

Just spritz your pumpkins with water every few days (or assign a student to do it) to keep them looking fresh until Thanksgiving!

Then plant the pumpkin in the ground (or in a pot of soil if your ground is frozen), succulents and all, and watch your succulent garden continue to grow! 

Provide pumpkin seeds (dried and roasted) as a healthy snack for your students. Let them use some of the seeds as counters and game markers during the fall season. (Make sure none of your students are allergic to the seeds.)

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