5th Teacher Txs DLoad Combo

$ 83.00

Save $17! Texas Teacher Edition AND Projectable Combo includes both Teacher book and Projectable CD at a discounted price - with 155 TEKS-aligned lesson plans plus tests, answer key, glossary, Stretches (brainteasers), activities, reproducible patterns, test tables,  and manipulatives.

Grade 5 Projectable Lesson Plans Download for full school year, includes several slides for each lesson. The first slide shows some of the problems from the lesson. The next slide shows the solutions in red. Download also includes complete PDF-format Texas Teacher Edition with 155 lesson plans, tests, answer key, glossary, activities and manipulatives. The Teacher Edition on the Projectable download is for viewing, not printing. Your print Texas Teacher Edition will be mailed to you.

Order one Projectable Download for each school site. The Download will be packaged as a .zip file. Save it to your computer. Mac OS X users, double-click the file to open it. Window 7 or 8 users right-click on the file and choose "Extract All" then follow the instructions. For later versions of Windows open "File Explorer," then "Compressed Folder Tools," then choose "Extract All." 

Add the Combo to your cart. We will send you a link to download the Grade 5 Projectable files. The Texas Teacher Edition is a printed book and will be mailed to you. 

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